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On this site i will show you some
of the greatest ptr/ptc sites i am a member at.
At most of theese sites i have allready got payout.
You are welcome to click the banners and read about the sites.
I will be glad if you sign up via theese banners :-)

. newbie.dk .

site updated April 17. 2009

All paid e-mails and PTC´s worth
between 1/20 of a cent and 3 cents

We are a CASH ONLY site 


All paid e-mails and PTC´s worth
between 1/20 of a cent and 2 cents

We are a CASH ONLY site 


$2.00 Minimum Payout,
Less for  Upgraded Members.
CircleCPTR is a Point Free Site!


Paid to click / paid to read.
Low payout
Earn by referring your friends

Receive a monthly paycheck for your activity.
By taking advantage of the ClixSense online advertising

begin earning money immediately


Paid emails and PTC's!
No Searches.
$1 Minimum Payout!


Paid to Read Ads! ... Lots of Contests!
Paid to Click Ads!
Low $ 0.25 payout


Paid to click, Paid to read emails.
Paid to promote, Paid to read ads.
Automated Transactions

PTP ads are 0.02c and 0.04c
 All other ads are 0.1c, 0.3c and 0.6c
$1 payout via Paypal only.

Monthly Mega click contests with great prizes
and advertising rewards for active clickers!

No points, only cash! This site is point free!


Sign up Bonus: 5 cents
Referral Bonus: 3 cents

Low $3 Payout via PayPal!


We offer paid e-mails, 2 treasure rooms,
paid to click ads, affiliate pages and personal ptc pages!.

low payout of $1.


Paid emails and PTC's!
Lots of Random Payout
$1 Minimum Payout!


Lucky Cover Ramdom Prizes
Click Contests & Monthly Referral Contest!
Low $1.00 Payout


Free Click Exchange
20% Referral Earnings

Low payouts! Paypal only!

Lifetime & Yearly Ad Packages are available
Searches & Points are Optin Only
Redeem Points For CASH & Ads

$2.00 payout for free members

Paid To Click .... Paid To Read
Paid To Signup  .... 10% Referral Earnings
All members are eligible to cashout

Join For Free Today

Lots of Ways to Earn!... Paid Emails
Paid to Click.... Low Payout!

Free 1 Week Upgrade
Must Request


 Payments Are Normally Made Within 7 days!
Lots of Paid Emails Sent Daily!

FREE LifeTime Mini-Bronze Upgrade &
 Referral Contest Running Til 2000 Members!


10% Referral Earnings!
Paid to Promote!

$1.00 Paypal Payout!

10% Referral Earnings
Paid to Promote!

$1.00 Paypal Payout!


Lots of Ways to Earn!
Paid Emails
10% Referrals Earnings!

Low $1 Payout!

Get Paid to Read Your Email!
Click Contests for Cash Prizes!
Activity Rewards.... Monthly Referral Contest

Payout $1 NO FEES!

Top Clickers Contest! .... Redemption Contest!
Referral Contest! .... Affiliate Pages
5 Ptc Sections to Earn From!

$ 5 Payout!(Lowering Soon!)

Top Clickers Contest! .... Redemption Contest!
Referral Contest! .... Affiliate Pages
5 Ptc Sections to Earn From!

$3 Payout! NO FEES!

Random Payouts!
Affiliate Pages(20c/1000 CPM!)
Personal PTC Pages

$ 4 Payout(Lowered)

Amazing Click Exchange Rewards
Weekly Contests With Great Prizes
Inexpensive Ad Specials

Low $2 Payout by PayPal

Paid To Click ... Paid To Read
5% Downline Earnings
PTP For All

$2.00 Payout

Contests, games, and surprises!
Random payouts often made!!

$2.00 Payout via PayPal

Lots of Ways to Earn!
Weekly Contests for Prizes!
Paid to Promote

Low $1 Payout!

Lots of Random Payouts, Games & Surprises!
All Cash Emails!
Click Climber, Treasure Rooms!

$3.00 Minimum Payout!

Click Climber, Treasure Pond, Nature Room, Butterfly Game &
New Break the Bank Game!
Affiliate Pages ... No Searches.... Random payouts

$3.00 Minimum Payout!

Contests, games, and surprises!
PTP (50c/1000)Upgraded Members Only!!
Personal Ptc Pages ... Cow Pasture Treasure Room!

$5 Payout!!


Emails worth 0.1C, 0.25C, 0.5C, 1C,
PTP Emails worth 0.01C-0.03C.
Points Convert to Cash and Redeem for Ads.

Lower $0.25 Payout on E-gold & $1 Payout for Paypal.



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