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Velcome  to the  site  with new Kittens,
born  December 24. 2007 , January 1. 2008.
and February 1. 2008

My name is Litle  junior boy and i am  now  8 weeks old,
aint i cute ?

Hey whats that  ??.. Ohhh its  my own tail...

I would like to call my dad. But i dont know the number to heaven..

I love Jan,s desk.. But i dont like his cigarettes.

Think i will take  a  walk out shopping for some cream..

Hope Jan is looking the other way... I need to get his Master Card..

Say Hello to my sister, she is a real lady.

Hi, My name is whitebliss. I was borned january 1 2008.
i am only 7 weeks old and a litle bit scared of all those new things

Jan says this is a mouse, but i dont think it is, it dont smell like one.
If he think i will eat that, he must be crazy..

This one i really  like.. It says  funny  noises when i roll it

Ohhh, all  those  strange things  make  me  a  bit scared..

I can see  the  buttons  with arrows on.. Maybe  its  an elevator ??
i better wait and see, because  there is soooo long down there


Now  lets say hello to Laban junior and his Father

HI.. My name is Laban Junior, i am the oldest of the kittens
i was borned december 24 at christmas evening

Here i lay beside my father, he is  a  very caretaking father.
I am a bit sick at the moment, but my father is taking care of me.

This is me an my Mother, thank god she still have
some milk for me. I hope it will make me well again

As you can see, my father is  on watch, even when i am asleep.
I love my father , and i use to play with him all day.

The  last one in the  kitten family is Snowwhite.

My Name is snowwhite.. I am only 3 weeks old, so i cant open my eyes yet.
But my big sister and brother say there is a lot to look at in the house.

As  you can see i am not so big; just a bit longer than the pencil beside me.
I have not larned to walk yet, so i am just crawling around.

As you can see i have  long nails, but when i get older i learn to
keep  them away so i dont scratch Jan.

Thank you for taking time to see  the  youngest at my family.
I am the  oldest male cat, and i watch them all so nothing happends to them...
PLEASE be carefull and dont hurt the  kittens you see outside,
They have all mothers and fathers like me, who loves them.

Thank you for visiting this site
and the kittens who lives here


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